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Please read these terms and conditions which apply to the provision of my professional services. By booking a session, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions, then you should not book a session or continue with your course of therapy.



You may be offered a free 15 minute online initial consultation for a discovery call. No therapy will be provided during the consultation.

The purpose of this initial consultation is to understand your presenting issue and to see if it fits into my scope of practice. Each standard session lasts between one to three hours depening on the type of therapy used and the issue. Some issues can be overcome in one session. However, for more deep-rooted problems it can take up to three sessions. During these calls, estimates of the number of sessions required to deal with your presenting issue are given on the basis of the information presented at that time. Estimates are only rough guidelines and are subject to change.



All payments are required in full in order to confirm the booking via the online booking system. It is your responsibility to pay the session fee in order to confirm the appointment booking.

When you make a booking, you will be required to complete a form for me to assess prior to a session commencing.




If you need to cancel or re-schedule a session, please provide as much notice as possible. Notification must be made via email at least 48 hours prior to the session.



Bookings are made for professional expertise and time in a very busy practice.

Therefore, no refunds will be made for a no show (not turning up for the session)

Also, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours of the session.

However, if it is possible to find another client to fill the cancelled booking, we will be happy to reschedule another booking at no extra cost as long as this new session or therapy package is completed within a month of the original booking being made.

If the decision has been made to postpone / discontinue a session or therapy package due to the client not being in a position to proceed, that rescheduled session or therapy package must be completed within a month of the original booking being made due to having a busy practice. Unfortunately, we will be unable to extend this kind gesture indefinitely.

Session fees are for my time and professional expertise, and are not a guarantee of a successful outcome.

Therefore, no refunds will be given for any sessions where you have attended and paid for in full.



All professional fees will be disclosed to you via the online booking system, email or text.



Payment may be made by the online booking system via credit/debit card. Bank transfer or cash will not be accepted without prior agreement.



Any contact between sessions will be by telephone, email or by Zoom during normal office hours only (Monday - Friday, 10am – 6pm GMT). Any messages received outside of these hours will be dealt with during office hours only.



We may ask questions about your medical history to establish any contra-indications to treatment. This will also help to assess whether your health is affecting (or being affected by) the therapeutic goals you wish to achieve. Please update us of any medical changes during your course of therapy, or if you are returning to therapy after a period of absence.

If you are receiving care or treatment from any medical, healthcare or therapy practitioner, e.g. GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Counsellor, you may be asked to seek their permission before any therapy sessions can commence.

Please note that we will be unable to offer my professional services if you suffer from epilepsy or any form of psychosis or are bi-polar.



You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the sessions.

Clients under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or care giver if the session is face to face. (The Client is the person that will be having the therapy session) 

Only a parent, guardian or care giver can make a booking on behalf of any client under the age of 18 years old who they are legally responsible for.

By the parent, guardian or care giver making a booking, they hereby understand and agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of themselves and any client under the age of 18 years old who they are legally responsible for.

By the parent, guardian or care giver making a booking, they hereby understand and give consent for any client under the age of 18 years old who they are legally responsible for to be alone through the session.


Please ensure that you have completed and returend the intake form. If you have booked the 28 Therapy Package, please also ensure you have read and understood the ‘What to Expect’ form once your booking has been confirmed. Please contact us if you would like some further clarity on this or any other information on how to prepare for the session/s.



Please ensure that you are available ten minutes before your session start time (if on Zoom, please go through your ‘What to Expect’ checklist to make sure everything is prepared for a great session). If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to make a full session available, however, as the ability to do this will depend on bookings after your session, this cannot be guaranteed.



Any recordings provided should not be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or undertaking any other activity where concentration is required. Any recording provided is for your personal use only and must not be shared, lent, copied or sold under any circumstances.



The agreement to work on the issues presented by you in no way implies or guarantees the resolution of your presenting issue(s). No outcome can or will be guaranteed. However, I will always endeavour to use my best efforts and skills to work towards your goals and intended outcomes.

The intention must be that you take personal responsibility and want to do this for you, and no one else.

You agree to listen to the recording and use the worksheets and/or tools provided for a minimum of 28 days as part of the ongoing therapeutic process. This is the time required for the transformation to take effect.



During the course of any therapy sessions, you will be treated with respect and not abuse the trust you place in us. We will use best practice at all times in our mutual interest. In return, you undertake not to harm yourself, or any other person, including me, or any property belonging to either me or any other person.


You agree not to attend sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, except those medications which have been prescribed by your doctor. If you do attend any sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, or demonstrate violent or abusive behaviour, we will cancel the session and may refuse to see you for any further sessions without refunding any payment already made.



All contact, including sessions, telephone and Zoom conversations, and emails, will be conducted in confidence and may be recorded. Prior to any recording, your agreement will be sought. All recordings, conversations and notes will remain confidential, except in the following circumstances:


 1. Where you give permission for confidentiality to be broken

 2. Where New Me Therapy are compelled by a court of law

 3. Where the information is of a nature that confidentiality cannot be maintained, for example:

  • The possibility of harm to yourself or others exists

  • In cases of fraud or crime

  • When minors (under 18 years old) are involved

 4. Where a referring GP or other healthcare professional requires a report. A copy of the report will be available on request.


Under no circumstances will New Me Therapy be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential, or other damages (including without limitation lost profits, lost revenues, or similar economic loss), whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, arising out of the advice or information provided to you during professional services provided by New Me Therapy. In addition, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold New Me Therapy harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of your participation in the professional services.



These terms and conditions and any other matters arising out of or in relation to these terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.



These terms and conditions are subject to revisions without notice. Please familiarise yourself with any amendments if you have re-started therapy with me after a long period of absence.



For the services provided, your personal data is collected, processed, used and stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy provided on this website. By making a booking, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not book a session. The terms of this Privacy Policy may change from time to time without prior notice to you, so please check my website periodically for any changes.



If you have a concern or complaint regarding your therapy, please discuss this with us in the first instance and we will endeavour to resolve the issue. You can contact us via email -



By proceeding to book a session, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. You also agree with the statements below:

  • I confirm that I have been advised by New Me Therapy of the scope of the therapies that they provide and give my full consent to receiving therapy sessions from them.

  • I understand that results may vary from person to person and the agreement by New Me Therapy to work on the issues or problems presented by me, using whatever therapies are appropriate to my situation, in no way implies or guarantees the resolution of any presenting problems or issues.

  • I understand and accept the therapists working for New Me Therapy may not  be medically qualified and do not claim to diagnose or treat a medical condition.

  • I understand that New Me Therapy is complementary to general medicine and are not seeking to replace it.

  • I understand that Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, RTT or any other therapy or information provided by New Me Therapy either in person or via telephone, email or Zoom, is not a replacement or substitute for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. If I have any doubts or concerns about my health, I will seek advice from an appropriate qualified healthcare professional.

  • I understand and accept that as part of the therapy, the therapist may touch me on places such as my head, hands and arms, and I give them permission to do so (if face to face). 

  • I declare that, if advised by New Me Therapy prior to or following any therapy sessions, to seek medical approval, I will consult with my GP, hospital consultant and/or other healthcare professional and gain the appropriate written approval for [practitioner name] prior to the next therapy session.

  • I have been advised that I am free to terminate any or all sessions at any time and agree to the cancellation policy.

  • I understand that my level of motivation is vital in the therapy process and I agree to participate to the best of my ability at all times, including making reasonable use of therapeutic suggestions during and between sessions, as well as listening to any audio recordings and/or carrying out other therapeutic tasks as appropriate.

  • I have read and understood the 'What To Expect' information provided on the website and/or by email.

  • I give my consent to allow any review or testimonial video that I provide/partake in, to be published on this website and other third party platforms

  • I have accurately and truthfully answered any questions and provided background information during the initial consultation and /or first therapy session and will continue to do so during any subsequent therapy sessions.



By proceeding to book a session with New Me Therapy, I consent that New Me Therapy may release information to a specific individual or agency if it has been determined that a vulnerable person (child or elder) is at risk; if you, as a client, are in imminent danger to yourself or others; or if a subpoena of records has been requested.

By proceeding to book a session, you also understand that, at any time, New Me Therapy may discuss aspects of your case with other colleagues keeping your full name and identity completely confidential always unless you have given permission otherwise.


If you do not agree with any of the Terms mentioned above, please do not book a session nor discuss any issues you may have with the New Me Therapy team.



Your attendance at the Retreat, as defined below, is subject to the terms and conditions



In order to purchase The Resett Retreat package, the following steps must be taken:

Guests will complete the entirety of the Retreat package purchase on the Website -

If you are confirming your booking by paying a deposit, the outstanding balance must be paid 120 days before the commencement date of the retreat.

The cost of the Resett Retreat does not include any flights, transfers or insurance. By making the booking the guest will agree to the Terms and Conditions. (Transfers are included for the Morocco retreat)

Full information on The Resett Retreat is also available on the website.

At the conclusion of these steps, you will receive a confirmation email which will outline the details of your completed registration.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within five (5) days of completing your registration, please contact the Resett team.

The Resett may request the provision of additional information, such as identification and travel information and/or additional forms and questionnaires.  You hereby consent to receive all such correspondence related to the Retreat, including the itinerary.

Please be advised the itinerary over the duration of the retreat is subject to change and may be modified by the Resett at any time.  You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Resett has a right to do so for any reason, including, but not limited to weather, the resort venue, third-party vendors, trainers, facilitators or providers, and any local or personal circumstances.



You hereby acknowledge and agree that you will voluntarily be participating in certain activities on the Retreat.  The Activities may include, but are not limited to; walking, swimming, hiking, biking, yoga, paddle boarding, surfing, other fitness activities, breathwork, ice baths, climbing, or other types of strenuous physical activities. There may also be men’s circles, therapy and mindset coaching which may discuss possible topics that may also cause a psychological, emotional or physical response.

You understand and are aware that your participation in the Activities involves risks.  These risks may lead to tangible or intangible harm, and you agree that they may result not only from your own actions but also from the actions of others.  With the knowledge and understanding of these risks, you choose, of your own will and volition, to continue participating in the Activities.

You also acknowledge and agree that there are risks that you may not have considered, yet you waive your right to any claims that may occur from these unconsidered risks and choose, of your own will and volition, to participate in the Activities. A Welcome Pack will be provided to you prior to your arrival so you are made aware of the programme in advance. This provides enough time for you to ask any questions. 

You acknowledge and agree that by attending the Retreat you consent to waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue the Resett, and, if applicable, its owners, employees, agents, trainers, representatives, and facilities from any physical, psychological, emotional. material, tangible or intangible, loss or damages that may happen to you during your participation in any of the Activities undertaken while under their instruction or thereafter.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for having your own appropriate insurance cover whilst staying at the retreat to cover any issues such as but not limited to travel and health insurance.


The consumption of any alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by your doctor and provided The Resett with this information prior to arrival) is strictly prohibited during your stay at the Retreat. It is also important to inform the team at the Retreat prior to your arrival of the last time any alcohol or drugs were used. The Retreat is not a rehab or recovery centre, nor a place for guests to go through any form of detox or withdrawl. For the safety and welfare of all of the guests, if you have an ongoing issue with alcohol or drugs, are going through detox or withdrawl or are using during your stay at the retreat, you will not be allowed to stay on the Retreat and will be asked to leave immediately. You will have to make alternative arrangements for any flights, transfers or accommodation at your own cost. There will be no refund given.


You acknowledge and agree that before, during and after the Retreat, you may be subject to photographs, video, sound recordings, or other media captures of your face, name, voice, or likeness.  In consideration for your participation in the Retreat, you herby and irrevocably consent to the use, publication, distribution, broadcasting, reproduction, live-streaming, editing, recording, posting, copyrighting, licensing, digitization, and/or re-release of the Released Media, as defined below, by the The Resett, as well as any employees, affiliates, associates, representatives, or agents (collectively referred to as the “Release Receiver”) for any legal reason or purpose, including but not limited to social media, commercial products, education, course materials, video footage, sales, marketing, or any other medium in any form that has been or will be invented.

The Released Media may include, but is not limited to, all photographs, videos, sound recordings, paintings, sculptures, and all other media currently known or hereinafter developed, captured of you or your likeness before and during the Retreat by the Release Receiver.

You hereby release the Release Receiver from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any use of the Released Media, including, without limitation, claims for privacy, violations, right of publicity claims, defamation and/or any other intellectual property rights.  You claim no ownership of the Released Media and forego any opportunity, whether past or present, to copyright or trademark the Released Media.

You give consent to the use of this Released Media while knowing and understanding that your name, comments, and other identifying factors may be revealed to the general public.  However, the Release Receiver may not make known to any party in any medium my known or previously known location, email or physical address, or any other contact details, such as phone number.


Your participation in the Retreat indicates your acknowledgement and agreement with, as well as your warranty of, the following statements:

  1. It is my responsibility to consult a physician before participating in this or any Retreat to ensure my eligibility for strenuous Physical Activity and I affirm that I have no medical conditions that would restrict me from participating in any of the Physical Activities.

  2. I agree to inform The Resett of any mental or health condition including any treatment or medication that I am currently using.

  3. I agree to hold the Resett, and if applicable, its employees, owners, agents, trainers, coaches and representatives, harmless from any damage, whether tangible or intangible, that may happen to me while participating in the Retreat.  Such injuries may include, but are not limited to, muscle strains, muscle sprains, muscle spasms, heart attacks, raised blood pressure, and broken, fractured, or dislocated bones.

  4. I agree that if I do experience medical issues, I will contact my doctor or travel/health insurance company immediately.

  5. I agree and verify that all the information that I have given the Resett and its representatives is accurate, up-to-date, and without the omission of any known medical issues.

  6. I agree and verify that if I have omitted any necessary personal information, whether knowingly or unknowingly, I will hold the Resett harmless against all liability for damages that may occur to myself or to others because of my actions or inactions.

  7. I agree to keep the Resett apprised of any changes or upcoming changes concerning my physical health and personal information.

  8. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to let the Resett know if I find myself in any pain or discomfort before, after, or during the Retreat.

  9. If I do require medical treatment or attention while or after participating in the Retreat, I agree that medical costs are mine and mine alone and hold the Resett blameless from any charges, fees, or costs that my conditions may incur.

  10. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to acquire the appropriate travel insurance in the event of anything happening during my stay at the retreat.

  11. I specifically acknowledge and agree that these clauses are not intended to be a general release, which would be limited under some estate and local laws.



You agree and understand that your participation in the Retreat may involve risks.  These risks may lead to tangible or intangible harm, as discussed above.  Additional risks, such as those risks involved in being in another country, a country where medical services are not available, or a country with any unsteady political, cultural, or geographical climate, may also be present.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with all information and/or possible risks involved in participation in the Retreat’s activities.  You agreed that the Resett is not liable, to the fullest extent permissible by law, for any harm that may come to you due to your participation in the Retreat.


You acknowledge that your decision to attend the Retreat is made wth full acknoweledge ment of all teh information described above and that you are attending of your own will and violation. You agree to be the sole party responsible for the assumption of all risk with all in connection with the Retreat. In no event with the Resett be liable for any liabilities arising from or in connection with your participation in the retreat. 


Guests hereby releases the Resett, as well as any of the Resett’s affiliates, licensors, suppliers, subsidiaries, parents or other legal representatives, from any claims, demands, damages or other legal action which may arise from Guest’s dispute with any other Guest.



As you can appreciate, the resort and all of the activities and services have to be paid in full in advance by The Resett to secure the bookings.

If you cancel -

  •   120 days or more prior to the retreat commencing: your payment will be refunded, less 30% (if paid in full).

  •   120 days or less prior to the retreat: payments are not refundable.

  • Your deposit is not refundable.

  • Or choose to leave during your stay at the retreat, no refund is given.



The terms and conditions for the Retreat shall continue until cancelled as specified above by either Party or until the Guest attends and completes the Retreat.  Any provision of this Agreement which by its terms imposes continuing obligations on either of the parties shall survive termination of this Agreement.


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