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Welcome to the ADHD Therapist

"I help people that are struggling to cope with ADHD to learn more about how your mind works, why you do the things you do, and what strategies you can put in place to live in a more carefree stress-free world for you and everyone around you"

Find the right ADHD Therapist

It’s so important that you find an ADHD therapist who really understands what ADHD is and how to treat it. As someone living with ADHD overcoming many adversities associated to ADHD, a parent of  children with ADHD, a specialist therapist and coach treating people with ADHD, and a Certified Brain Health Professional, I am in a privileged position to provide experience, knowledge, education and strategies to help you use your SuperBrain effectively.



Different types of therapy to reduce ADHD symptoms  


Coaching to improve strategies and tools for ADHD 



Advice and guidance for people living with ADHDers




Expert knowledge to help you understand more about ADHD 



Advice and guidance for improving ADHD brain health  

Why work with an ADHD Therapist?

An ADHD therapist will have professional accreditations in relation to understanding and working with people with ADHD, whereas coaching will normally be offered as a service once the emotional issues have been resolved by the therapist. My clinical training covers all aspects of living with ADHD, from understanding the neurodevelopment of the brain, ways to improve you and your family's life, and learning more about medication.


I am also experienced working with many issues associated with ADHD such as mental health disorders, behavioural issues, addictions and suicidal thoughts.


I am qualified in a number of different psychotherapy methods such as CBT, RTT and NLP as well as being a Clinical Trauma Professional and Certified Brain Health Professional to ensure I get the best results for my clients.

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Adults with ADHD

Adults with ADHD may find they have problems with:

  • Organisation, planning and time management

  • Following instructions and forgetfulness

  • Focusing and completing tasks

  • Coping with stress and feeling overwhelmed

  • Over emotional - Feeling people do not care

  • Feeling restless or impatient

  • Impulsiveness and risk taking

  • Poor money management 

  • Trouble with relationships or social interaction

  • Addictions or unhelpful coping mechanisms

  • Issues with food and weight

  • Sleep issues

  • Suicidal thoughts

Parents of children with ADHD

Looking after a child with ADHD can be challenging, but it's important to remember that they cannot help their behaviour.

Some day-to-day activities might be more difficult for you and your child, including:

  • Getting your child to sleep at night

  • Getting up and ready for school on time

  • Listening to and carrying out instructions

  • Being organised and following the plan

  • Social occasions

  • Problems at school

  • Careless and clumsy

  • Regulating their emotions

  • Aggressive behaviours

  • Suicidal thoughts

ADHD Enlightenment 

“I wanted to understand my son more, why he was behaving the way he was, and how I could help him, because nothing I was doing was working, and it was daily warfare in the home. I felt burnt out. Sean has helped me see things from my son’s perspective in many ways, like how he can misinterpret my communications when I am not clear enough, and create his own (often inaccurate) story.  It really is a game changer! Thank you!."

A Really Positive Experience

"Working with Sean was just a positive experience from start to finish. He talks you through exactly how things are going to work and really invests time in you to get to the source. Follow ups are consistent and relevant resources and materials are shared with you. It feels like a really safe environment to relax in while Sean gets to work. I’d really recommend as a way to tackle whatever your situation is.."

I Lost My Drive Focus and Happiness

“I had reached a point in my life where a lot had changed. This was all good change. Having children, working from home, being in a good paying stable job, potentially moving house with a bigger garden and scope to extend and beginning my business venture.
I know I will be back to Sean for further development down the line somewhere, but for now I am in a great pace and thank Sean for his help and work.”


I have found that the one thing that the majority of my clients with ADHD have in common is that they feel that they are not reaching their true potential in life.


ADHD can hold you back from achieving your true goals in life, at home, at work or anywhere else. Especisally if you do not understand how your mind works differently and what strategies you can put in place to live a phenomenal life.


ADHD therapy is so effective because you are provided with the education, tools and coping mechanisms you need to feel empowered in managing your ADHD symptoms.


Many clients even find that once they apply this knowledge and strategies into their lives after their treatment, they can use the bursts of energy and extra focus that are part of their condition to their advantage!

Whether you are an adult or child with ADHD, or a parent or partner living with an ADHDer, this will change your life

Which Service Would You Prefer?

There are different services available depending on where you are on your ADHD journey

Initial ADHD Assessment

This is an initial assessment for people who want to learn whether you are showing enough ADHD symptoms to warrant further investigations.

You will also be given recommendations on the next steps you can take on how to get a full diagnosis


30 Minute Initial Session

This is a taster session to discuss anything that is going on in your life that is impacted by ADHD.

Whether you are an adult, a child or a parent, I can help explain why you do the things you do and work on a plan to help overcome these problems  


1 Hour Therapy Session 

This session allows us to dive in to understand what is going on in your life today as well as understanding more about the past. 

We discuss how ADHD is impacting your life and work on solutions using tools and strategies to treat these issues


28 Day Therapy Package 

This therapy package is for people who have issues that are affected more by having ADHD.

The package includes:

  • 1 hour therapy session

  • 2-3 hour deeper session working with the subconscious mind

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Additional tools to help improve your life  

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