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Welcome to your New Life

Stress - the cause for many mental, emotional and physical issues. Leading to unhealthy thinking, behaviours and habits 

Stress Free - living life with no more worries, fears or concerns. Allowing you to create the amazing future you always wanted

My name is Sean McNicholas and I help people who are really struggling with the day to day worries, stresses or fears, affecting how you live your life in so many different ways.

I can help you live in a more carefree and stress free world
without using medication or any other coping mechanisms.

The Solution

1. Heal Your Past

Free you from any fear, upset or suffering

2. Reset Your Senses

Start living in the present moment

3. Create Your Future

Giving you what you have always wanted

Fast and Effective Therapy

Many people are struggling with the day to day worries, fears or concerns in their lives for many different reasons. This can be due to your senses unconsciously activating old memories affecting how you think and how you feel in that moment, which in turn can make you feel scared, stuck, trapped, alone, powerless or sometimes even angry. As a result, this can cause frustration, confusion, fear and/or overwhelm throughout your whole body leading to high levels or stress or even anxiety.

In one deep and powerful session, New Me Therapy can rapidly transform your life to help you understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do in order to change your life for the better by living in the present rather than the past. 

This is achieved by understanding where these unconscious thought and feelings are coming from and why, and then transforming these old unhelpful thoughts, habits, and beliefs into new positive ones, empowering you to become the person that you truly want to be so you can create a better future for yourself.

New Me Therapy will make a REAL difference to YOUR LIFE when you invest in yourself to improve the way you think, feel and behave.

"The best investment that you can ever make, is an investment in yourself"

Warren Buffet
(the world's most successful investor of the 20th century)

Online Therapy with Clients Worldwide

Due to having clients worldwide, most sessions are preferred to be held online.

Online sessions are equally as effective as face to face sessions, whilst in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Happy Businesswoman


New Me Therapy can help transform all types of stress causing:

Fast and Effective Results 

If you have ever had a really severe tooth ache, you would not want to visit your dentist every week just to sit in the chair to talk about your deep and excruciating pain. You would want them to find where that pain is and instantly remove it from your life forever!

The same as some clients would prefer not to continually see a counsellor every week for 50 minutes to talk about the same problem, without addressing or resolving the real underlying issue quickly. Costing the client both time and money.


Clients come to me because they want INSTANT RESULTS!

New Me Therapy has one objective. To immediately find the root cause of the issue in one powerful session by working with the Subconscious which is 95% of where the mind holds your memories, habits and core beliefs. This allows me work with you more effectively to transfrom your life for good, so you can become the person you should have always been.


This unique therapy is both fast and very effective, because it combines a number of different psychotherapeutic methods such as Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and RTT to work with the Subconscious mind as part of one powerful overarching session.

The results are PHENOMENAL

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You are in great hands!

"Sean is a wonderful therapist! You will not be disappointed. I felt very safe working with him. He was easy to relate with. Compassionate and nurturing."


Healing and Powerful!

"The session with Sean was amazing. His skill and genuine caring shone through, and I am so grateful for his help in dealing with issues that have plagued me my whole life."


Life Changing!

"Sean is right! Why spend time (and money) every week talking to a therapist or counsellor about your problems, yet going nowhere?"




Just like we regularly update our computers or mobile devices to run on the most up to date software, and we service our vehicles every year, we must also update and maintain ourselves to ensure we are the best version that we can be.  

Otherwise, we will continue to run on inadequate, outdated, and poorly functioning programs, which are our old thoughts and core beliefs, normally formed in our earlier years.  

Some of these old thoughts and beliefs form our current habits and negative behaviours, which can hold us back, making us stuck in a time or a place that continues to make us feel unhappy and unfulfilled. 

Most of us are not even halfway through our lives, so we must take the time to make the adjustments today, to ensure that our thoughts, beliefs and habits support us in a positive manner, by functioning in the most up to date way. Making us the best version that we can be.

We only have one body and one mind to last us our whole lifetime, so it is important that we take care of them both as one cannot function properly without the other. We cannot put a price on our health or well being, so ensure you invest in yourself today.

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